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EDFAS - Functional state evaluation system with distributed intellect for elderly and disabled population

International Eureka project E!4452

The goal of the project is development of a system for monitoring and multilevel complex evaluation of heart function and motion abilities for elderly and disabled persons. The system will reduce the expenditure on medical and social care and vastly expand the coverage of monitored population. The system will benefit a recent advances in medical information technologies as well as technological advances in wireless networking, microelectronics, sensors, and the Internet allow us to change the way health care services are deployed and delivered. Focus on prevention and early detection of disease or optimal maintenance of chronic conditions promise to augmented existing health care systems that are mostly structured and optimized for reacting to crisis and managing illness rather than wellness. In these latter years more and more studies showed credibly that during obsolescence processes the complexity of functional state decreases, and herewith the person potential of adaptation decreases also. Therefore the creation and adaptation for use in practice of new methods for evaluation of complexity is planed in this project. It seems likely that early assessment of complexity changes will enable to start earlier usage of preventive means with intention to preclude the manifestation of various disorders in human organism. Another possibility for performing of preventive task could be estimation of values of individual physical activity, necessary for every person and their use in practice with aim to decrease the level of risk for overdosage of physical activity, and on the contrary – having too small physical activity and ineffective impact on person’s health. This prospective method designed for planning and dosage of physical activity is a new diagnostic technology, and development of this technology is one of project goals. A novelty of this work is indicated also by prospective possibility of simultaneous data recording for few persons because more often than not, in the same place there are several elderly or disabled persons, for example, pairs, communities of nursing homes and hospices, etc. With reference to above stated predictions the hardware and software of the system for monitoring of ECG, respiration intensity, pulse oximetry SPO2 and patient movement will be developed. Decision-making about person functional state will be performed by principles which are based on methodology of distributed intellect.

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